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Monday, March 9, 2015

3/8/15 DeMeritt Forest

Nineteen and overcast. I didn't feel like a long drive or hike so we headed to Demeritt. This time we started from the Logan Rd. entrance. The road was not plowed but had had enough use to make for good footing.

We found the side trails had been groomed and were in good shape

When we came to the point where the Green Trail curves to circle  back to Logan we saw that the skiers had continued straight. We soon found out why- there had been some timber harvesting and the trail was torn up

The Blue Trail and Spring Rd. were in good shape

Back on Sewall we spotted some deer. They watched us for awhile but I didn't get a close shot because Kelley started barking  ( which she does when excited) and the deer went into the woods.

This bench had bench on the Black Trail had been used in spite of the snow

Two more trail shots on our way back


and Red

A pleasant hike. Temperatures were more moderate and we even got some peeks of sun. Very pretty and peaceful as we didn't meet anyone. 1  3/4 hours 


  1. I am so loving that bench for some reason! Your photos are always great to see. I'd much rather you deal with the snow than me!

    1. Thanks Betty - I couldn't decide if someone just sat on the bench or did it for effect. This has been a real Maine winter.

  2. Are you getting some warmer temps yet? It's been in the mid 40's back home (I'm on the road right now) and so hopefully the snow will be gone soon. It's beautiful, but time for it to go!!

    1. We are - 43 for today- warmest in ages but I still have several feet of snow in my back yard and forecast is for snow Saturday.


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