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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3/16 and 3/17/15 Glenburn and DeMeritt Forest

After Saturday's hike Kelley seemed tired and I decided we needed a day off. It snowed Sunday so we just walked around  the neighborhood. Yesterday we went to Glenburn to continue the trails we had not yet explored. The fresh snow made the woods really pretty.

A short while into the hike Kelley came up very lame and could hardly walk so we turned back. I was very worried about her and didn't know what today would bring. When we got up she seemed her usual self but I decided we would do a short hike to see how she did and we went to deMeritt Forest.

Twenty five degrees and snowing. We started from the Sewall Rd. entrance. The road was in good condition and we found the side trails had been groomed. Kelley seemed her usual self and was enthusiastic, leading the way most of the time and wanting to take particular trails which we did  The route his her choice until I started picking to ensure a short hike.

It was very pretty with the fresh snow and the walking was easy- good for both of us. 

A short one hour hike but very pleasant. We met a man and his dog at the start but no one else the rest of the hike. 


  1. Wow--can't believe the amount of snow you still have.
    I just got back from a week in Nebraska and most of the snow here is gone. (most!) It's still cold, but just seeing some brown is a relief!
    Hope Kelley is doing better. Wonder what happened, when she's been doing so terrific for so long!

    1. Hi Sue- It's snowed most of today and is snowing as I write this. There seems to be no end to it. Kelley seemed her usual self today so I don't know what was going on with her- hopefully a temporary glitch. She had been doing well and seemed OK today. Hopefully she will be fine tomorrow too.

  2. The woods are lovely with new snow!

    1. They are Linda but we are ready to move on to spring


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