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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3/23/15 Paul Bunyan Trails

A repeat of yesterday's weather- cold and very windy ( 10 degrees and gusts to 25 mph )  but after failing to avoid it yesterday we headed out. We had not done the section from Broadway to the Kenduskeag in awhile and it's only a couple of miles from home.

This section of the  trail had been rerouted since we last did it. It used to have a nice section of woods in the middle of two open areas. The trail now skirted the woods and left us open to the frigid winds

 After crossing Kenduskeag Rd. we were finally in the woods

We decided we could still safely cross the stream, rather than go up to the bridge.

We were then on the section we have done several times this winter - prettier and more protected from the wind.

We walked to the end of Pushaw Rd. and turned around.

Looking down the Kenduskeag as we cross on the way back.

Pretty but very cold. Not surprisingly, we met no one. Kelley was enthusiastic and never seems bothered but cold or wind. 2  1/2 hours


  1. Beautiful winter scenes! Sometimes I wish we could all have a thick coat of fur like Kelley.

    1. Thank you Linda - I'm ready for some scenes of spring

  2. I like the wooded areas more than the open fields.

    1. Me too Kim- especially in the wind


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