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Sunday, March 15, 2015

3/14/15 City Forest

Cloudy. upper 20's with snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow. We hadn't been here in awhile but thought the trails would have good footing.

We found the West Trail quite lumpy with frozen foot prints with  somewhat slick tops- meaning you had to watch your step.

Don't know if you can see that in this picture.

Further down the trail was better - probably because there had been less traffic.

The nice surprise was when we got to the rail bed we found a snowmobile had been down it and made a great surface. ( normally they are not allowed on this section) . We had not been down the rail bed toward forest Ave, this year because of the deep snow and lack of use. In summer it is very wet and not hikeable

Couldn't resist a couple of plants in the snow

Don't know what this is

Alder Catkins

On the way back we used Main and the Loop Rd. which had been plowed and made for easy walking .

Turned out to be a better hike than anticipated from the lumpy start. We only met one man and his dog on the way out but several on the way back. Kelley seemed tired near the end - very unusual - so we will take a day off tomorrow- probably a short walk in the snow in the neighborhood.  2  1/2 hours 


  1. A day of rest for Kelley..well deserved..

    1. Hi penbayman - thanks for commenting


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