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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

3/30/15 Northern Headwaters Trail

Thirty five and gray- light rain or snow forecast. We still have lots of snow but now it's getting soft and making walking difficult. Headed to this area because there are several hikes in the area and we hoped one would be OK.

At this trailhead the parking lot had been plowed so that was a good start. There had been some trail use , though not very recently. Still not bad if you watched your step - though the snow seemed to support her, Kelley mostly stayed behind and followed my steps. .You start up the hill and then this first section, along the ridge,  is one of my favorites.

Going down the other side

The trail then swings SW and eventually gets near the stream. Before we got there Kelley found some water-not much - but liquid water.

Not too far beyond here  there was no evidence of prior traffic and each step resulted in me being knee deep in snow. Kelley just stopped and watched me until I gave up and turned back.

Heading back

On the way back light snow started and continued the rest of the day. In spite of the difficult walking it had been a pretty day in the woods and very peaceful as we met no one.  1  3/4 hours 


  1. With that mushy snow, I'm sure you got quite a workout.
    I always remind myself when I'm whining about more snow that SOME PEOPLE (you!) haven't even had a break from it at all. You're keeping me humble, John. LOL!
    Have a good day

    1. Thanks for commenting Sue - it has been a challenging winter I think we have set records for both cold and snow amounts.

  2. Walking in slushy snow or mud are 2 of my least favorite things. Bet you'll be glad when spring finally hits your neck of the woods.

    Be sure to stop by my blog today - I think my book review will interest you.

    1. Yes, Kim - it's bound to come eventually.

  3. Hi John.. Will this winter ever end!!!! I have been up to my knee's many times, just when you think you have got it made, and down you go!!
    Kelley must be related to a Beaver, always looking for water! : )!!
    Lets hope we see a change soon!!


    1. Hi Grace- I think it has to end eventually but there is still a lot of snow. Kelley does love the water. You are right about the sudden surprise breaks through the crust.

  4. Poor Kelley - only a small puddle for her daily swim! :)

    1. Yes, Linda - it's been a long winter without liquid water.


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