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Thursday, March 19, 2015

3/18/15 Glenburn Trails

Thirteen degrees with cloudy skies and winds predicted to be 20 to 30 mph with gusts to 45 . Kelley was eager to get out and showed no signs of the problem she had last time we attempted this hike, I was counting on the woods to protect us somewhat from the wind.

We started , again, from Broadway and took the left fork first. A sign said " Dead End" but there had been a little  use yesterday and the footing was pretty good at first.

Further on the snowmobiles swung left but we continued  straight  on the less used trail- a bit of a slog- until the trail ended at a road.

We turned back and head down the trail we had done before. At that time when we came to the Kenduskeag we crossed it and continued to the end. Previous route in green on map above.

The Kenduskeag at that point

Today we took the trail that followed the stream and soon crossed another part of the stream or a different stream - it was difficult to separate the different streams with all the snow.

The trail then followed a stream  and it was pretty and more open to the wind but we were getting some sun.

When the trail turned in to the woods I decided we had gone far enough - I was still concerned about Kelley - even though she seemed fine and was not showing signs of a problem.

We headed back the way we had come and when almost to the end met a couple on a snowmobile. They stopped and we got some trail information from them. Some of the side trails, like the turn off near the end of the dead end were trails from peoples houses, used to access the main trails. The second trail we were on goes on to intersect other trails and we will explore that in future.

A nice hike. The cold was not nearly as bad as it seemed it would be, Kelley was enthusiastic and without apparent problems, and  the woods were pretty.  2  1/2 hours


  1. She's so cute how she always leads the way, lol. How old is she?

    1. Hi Serafina - yes, she usually leads, and sometimes shows me I'm off the trail. She is 7 1/2 yrs. old


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