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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/3/15 Walker Ridge Road

Sixteen degrees but sunny and only a little wind. This old logging  road is closed to vehicles in winter and becomes part of the Interconnected Trail System . We had only done the first part of it to access Frye Mt. and today we would explore a little further. We met two snowmobilers at the parking area who were doing a 200 mile trek. We  met only another pair during the hike so we had it mostly to ourselves.

The very open start

The terrain  became more rolling as we proceeded - hilly but not as steep as our hike in the other direction

Some nice lichen

We had passed the trailhead for Frye Mt. but it had not had any recent use and the snow was deep. Another side trail also had had no use but this one had - we only went a short distance as there was a sign saying it was not a through trail

We also went a short distance on a branch of the logging road

One more weed

Almost back

Roof of the  area game management office

A nice outing. Not the most interesting terrane but the sun and snow made it pretty.  Kelley was her usual enthusiastic self. 2  1/4 hours 


  1. Receding snow--always a nice sight even if it is on a roof.
    We're supposed to actually get up in the 40's next week. We don't have much snow this year, so it should be enough to clear at least some areas of the yard. I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing "earth" once more.

    1. Hi Sue - we got to 40 today! but tomorrow will be back to the twenties. This has been a long winter.

  2. I liked the snow on the roof photo. We're supposed to start warming up after today. I think winter is about over for us.

    1. Thanks Kim- supposed to be 32 here today ( it's been in teens and twenties) and I still have about 4 ft. of snow in the back yard but above freezing forecast for the next few days


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