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Saturday, March 28, 2015

3/27/15 DeMeritt Forest

Gray, mid 30's with light drizzle .Still a good bit of snow so we were afraid  trails would be too soft and thought at the forest we could at least walk the roads.

The first part of Sewall, which had been plowed in the past had little snow and some bare spots.

Further on where it had not been plowed there was more snow but the walking was still not bad.

Kelley likes the side trails but though they would support Kelley I kept breaking through and so we stuck to the roads until near the end.  We did take the Blue and Red Trails from Logan back to Sewall. I tried to take a picture to illustrate the depth but it was not successful.

Kelley seemed happy, nevertheless  - we met two men with friendly dogs and another man without a dog. Not the best outing but at least we got in some exercise . 1  1/2 hours 


  1. Sometimes, those kiind of days you're better off cutting it short.
    Hope your snow melts quickly. I was amazed at how fast ours went this year.......and it's not even been warm!

    1. Hi Sue- You are right about - I just need to get in some exercise for Kelley.


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