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Thursday, February 13, 2014

2-12-14 Glenburn Snowmobile Trails

Cold but sunny and no wind. After enjoying yesterday's revisiting of trails from past years, we decide to try some others. The initial plan was to start from Lancaster Brook Rd. but when we got to where we usually park we found no cars had been off the road, only snowmobiles and did not want to risk getting stuck. We drove over to a store on Hudson Rd. where we have parked before and started from there. There had been a good amount of use on the trail so the walking was easy.

After we crossed Lancaster Bk. Rd. the trail was wider and seemed to have had even more use.

Lancaster Brook is fairly wide but was easy to cross

Shortly we came to the Kenduskeag and didn't hesitate to cross the ice today

We had not done this section before and came to a small area of timber harvesting, although no one was working today

After this the trail was either plowed or groomed, or both

We walked to within sight of Broadway and turned back. Back on the other side of the Kenduskeag we followed a side trail that ran near the stream but had not been much used and was a bit harder going.

We followed it to the road and then returned to the main trail. Along the way I found a few things to photograph

A pretty nice hike- the trees mostly sheltered us from the wind so I was comfortable and once again the woods were pretty. Kelley was again excited to be on a trail she hadn't been on since last year-lots to explore.  We only met one person, he was on a snowmobile and passed us twice.
2  3/4 hours


  1. How interesting! Nice varied trek, a lot going on in there with streams and harvesting. I remember hearing Lots of snowmobile traffic at night in the distance when I lived in that area.

    1. Hi Faith - we only met the one guy and in the past have met very few- perhaps the reason is they ride at night.


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