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Monday, February 3, 2014

2/2/14 Neighborhood

We woke to a couple of inches of new snow and a gray day. I shoveled the drive and then while waiting to hear from a friend decided on a brief walk around the hood. Shortly before Gracie's house, Kelley saw what she thought was Gracie ( an old friend )  in her yard and got very excited. I let her off her leash and she tore off down the road, only to stop short when she realized it was not Gracie. She had met Bentley but didn't know him well. Then Gracie also appeared in the yard and Kelley ran to greet her. Soon all three dogs were playing and we were pleased to see how well the three of them got on. They played hard for almost an hour. My pictures were disappointing- poor exposure-dark dogs and white snow - and not well focused -dogs in motion, but they give a sense of the time they had with each other.



 Getting tired.

Great fun for the dogs and we enjoyed watching them enjoy themselves. they all got a good work out.


  1. Such happy dogs! Love all the photos.

    1. Thanks Linda- they did have a good time- and we too, watching them.

  2. Great dog pictures! I do not think I have seen Bently before, altho you have talked of him, He looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Faith. Bentley is a pup and Kelley hadn't seen him for quite awhile. At that time Bentley was timid around her- no longer. When I had my broken ankle Kelley spent quite a bit of time playing with Gracie in their fenced yard- it was a big help to me at that time ( Before Bentley)


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