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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2/11/14 Paul Bunyan Snowmobile Trail

Cold with a little breeze but sunnier than predicted. First time this year for this trail which is also near home. We parked at the old fire station at Griffin and Kenduskeag and walked the short distance to where the trail crosses Kenduskeag. The trail goes through woods for a short distance and then swings out to Griffin to cross the stream on the bridge. Some snowmobilers had taken a shortcut and crossed the stream itself -  most had taken the bridge.

The stream is wider than it appears in this picture and a short way downstream I could see open water and was a little nervous about the crossing so we took the bridge.

The Kenduskeag Stream

For the first 40 minutes or so the trail  runs near the stream. The surface was nicely packed and good walking.

You can see the stream through the trees and sometimes you get more open views. Kelley seems to be contemplating the water down there but it's quite a ways down and she did not attempt it.

A couple more picture before the trail; goes left and away from the stream

The trail crosses Pushaw Rd. , which dead ends there and reenters woods 

for a short distance before crossing Finson Rd and into another nice stretch of woods

Kelley is looking for a way around as she won't cross the bridge because of the spaces between the boards.

We then came to a large field with this shack

A cell tower and Ohio St.

That was  where we turned back.

A small side trail we did not take- probably went to someone's house

As we were heading back, Kelley got excited, started barking and took off ahead of me- we had met no one to this point. I could not see around the turns but then saw her ahead with three workmen who were giving her attention. When I caught up I found they were checking storm drains. We had a chat about the history of Pushaw Rd.- it dead ended because there once was a bridge there- and then we continued on.

Heading back

On the return I got brave and took the shortcut across the stream - we didn't go through the ice.  It had been a nice hike- we had met no one except the workmen, it had been a beautiful day- hence the excessive number of pictures-  and Kelley was happy with all the scents on a trail she hadn't been on since last year. She was also excited just to be out.  3 hours


  1. Love the sunny winter scenes! We got snow in town last weekend and I had loads of fun.

    1. Thanks, Linda- it really was a beautiful day in the woods. Glad you are finally getting the snow you wanted.

  2. Sounds like a very nice hike-- I know some of the area, but did not realize it went on like that. Curious about Pushaw Rd. What did Kelley finally do about the bridge?

  3. Hi Faith - it was a nice hike. We can also get to that part of the trail by following the trail behind our house, swinging over and across Broadway and down the trail parallel to Griffen Rd. I asked about Pushaw because it didn't seem to go with the other I knew about.He said you could almost see where the road had continued across the stream and connected with the part I know,

    Kelley , after looking at her options, climbed down the bank, walked under the bridge and climbed up the other side. On the way back she went directly to the previous route.

  4. Wouldn't you love to know what's going on in their minds?

    1. Yes- in this situation I could almost see the gears turning as she figured it out.


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