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Friday, February 7, 2014

2/7/14 City Forest and Neighborhood

No post for yesterday because Kelley was being a brat. We got  several more inches of snow and after I cleared the drive , decided to do the snowmobile trail again so as not to have to worry about parking. As soon as we got out on the easement Kelley sat down and did not want to walk. Back to the house. A bit later tried again with the same result. I gave up and went inside and she came in with me- usually she likes to stay out. I sat down at the computer and she came over wanting something. I took here to the door and she went and stood by the car, apparently wanting to go somewhere. I told her "no" and went inside. A bit later she came inside but again wanted out and went back to the car and stood by the door. I wasn't going anywhere and offered her a walk around the neighborhood. We walked a short distance and she decided she didn't want that either. I gave up and was in for the day. Eventually she joined me and settled down.

This morning we went to City Forest with a friend for a short 1  1/4 hour hike-- she had an appointment and couldn't hike longer.  Cold, but sunny and no wind. A fair amount of snow with lots still on the trees, making it pretty. The footing was pretty good and Kelley seemed happy. We talked briefly with two women who were on the road parallel to the trail but met no one else. A peaceful walk in the woods.

After lunch we went back on the easement for another go at the snowmobile trail and Kelley seemed happy with it. No one had been on it except deer and the new loose snow made it a bit of a slog. I did not want to overtax Kelley so when the trail crossed a road we took that and just walked around the neighborhood for an hour. Kelley was happy with this as there were people out shoveling for her to greet.


  1. Kelley certainly has a mind of her own that is for sure! You and the rest of the nation have had a real winter for a change--even cold here in FL.--I think you can remember times when we visited Mom and Dad and had a day or two of cold--just not very pleasant but at least you can get out. I think I sent you the coat at the best of timing--I am sure you got some use from it! Going for my walk on the beach--overcast and cold but need to get get out for some fresh air before watching the Olympics. Enjoy your hike wherever Kelley decides to take you! Brother Tom

    1. Hi Tom - Thanks for the visit- yes, a real Maine winter and the girl does have a mind of her own. I do remember taking summer clothes and also sweaters to Florida, not knowing what we would get weather wise. The Olympics sounds like a good idea



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