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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2/19/14 Neighborhood and Snowmobile Trail

We woke up to several inches of  fresh snow. Kelley was anxious to get out in it so we did an hour walk around the neighborhood. She was happy as there were lots of people to greet as they cleared their drives. Lots of snow around

When we got back home I cleared our drive and then decided it was too nice not to do, at least a short hike- upper 20's, hazy sun ( another snow forecast for later today) , no wind, and it was pretty. Drove to the end of Pushaw Rd. to check for snowmobile activity.

  Someone had been on the trail- probably just one sled but  there was the firm base below the new snow so not bad -- going off the trail you end up in almost knee deep snow. Kelley seemed excited about the powdery snow and did a lot of prancing through it. It had been a good idea to do this little hike and the trail was quite pretty with the fresh snow.

We walked to Griffen Rd. and then returned the way we had come. Almost back we were passed by two snowmobiles but saw no one else. 1  1/4 hours.

It's snowing now so tomorrow morning may be a repeat.


  1. I'd kind of like to go snowmobiling on those trails. They look great!

    1. Hi Kim- some are pretty or interesting - the main advantage for us is a nice packed surface when the snow is deep - and many are quite close to home.

  2. Gotta love walking in fresh fallen snow!

  3. Hi Linda- it really was nice and Kelley agrees with you.


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