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Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/22/14 City Forest

Rained most of yesterday and warm and sunny today ( upper 30's) so trail conditions were iffy. Nearby City Forest seemed like a good place to try first.

 Main Road from the parking lot was icy

Once on West Trail  there was no ice but a somewhat soft surface and not as easy walking as it had been. We walked down to the beaver pond but there was  only a little water where the water overflowed the dam. At least Kelley got  her feet wet and a drink.

We checked out the rail bed but it had had less traffic and was not easy going. In spite of the ice  ( I had my grippers) we took Main Rd. and Loop Rd. to circle back to West Trail. Because of the beautiful day there were lots of people- skiers and walkers- and dogs and Kelley was happy to see them all. I think more people than I have ever seen here on one day.

Near the end we met Kelley's friend Cadie and they immediately started their exuberant play. I did not get a picture of the fast moving dogs but only this calmer moment.

and Cadie in the brush

It had been a nice hike with the sun , warmer temps, and friendly folks and dogs. 2  1/4 hours ( with a fair amount of chatting)

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