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Friday, February 21, 2014

2/20/14 Glenburn Trails

A little more snow this morning. By the time I cleared the drive  it had warmed up ( 33 degrees), mostly sunny, and little wind. Forecast for tomorrow is snow, freezing rain , and sleet in the morning and then  rain in the afternoon. We decided we need to get in a good one today. We started, again , from the store on Hudson Rd. with the plan of taking the fork we did not take lat time. No one had been on the trail this morning but there wasn't enough new snow to make it difficult.

This old building is in a field near the start

When we started the trees were still pretty with fresh snow- it was melted by the time we returned.

The two men were still sawing timber just off the trail and Kelley had to greet them again. I got to ask questions and found out this was a long term project- near a year to saw the lumber and another year to season the lumber.

Things in the snow

After we crossed Pushaw Rd. there was an intersection with a sign ( the only one on the trails) -"Pushaw lake 1.6 miles"  and to the  left " Dead End" . We went to the lake

Sleds had been out on the ice but we stayed close to shore and then returned the way we had come.

When we were almost back we met a man and his two sons who were fixing a minor problem with one of their sleds. I was able to get some information from him about the trails- he lived in the neighborhood we had wandered around in and explained  how to access the trail we hadn't found last time.

A nice hike- no hat or gloves needed. Kelley seemed happy and enthusiastic and pretty much stayed on the trail. 3  1/4 hours


  1. You've been getting quite a bit of snow lately. Yesterday we got our first rain storm in months. Spring must be on its way.

    I adore that old boarded up building. I'd be dying to slip inside and inspect it.

    1. Hi Kim - we had rain yesterday too but i think spring is still far away for us. I know what you mean about the building and exploring it- not even sure what it was.


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