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Monday, February 24, 2014

2/23/14 Glenburn Trails

Gray day and not as warm as yesterday but still comfortable hiking. Nice firm base on the trail for easy walking and the crust off the trail was strong enough to support Kelley.

We are back here to try to find out the identity of old building in post of 2/20 -- original picture there. I had also posted the picture of the building on Facebook and there was some speculation as to what purpose it had served. There is a church across from where we parked and within sight of the building. I asked some people in the parking lot and they said it had been a school "a long time ago" . Here is the building with it's surroundings.

Kim and some others were curious about the buildings contents. Very disappointing.

Our other purpose for returning was to follow directions we had received from a man on our last hike here. We had ended up in a small development and he told us where we had gone wrong.

When we got to the top of this hill we continued straight and should have turned left-- the trail looked like it went both ways.

Instead of crossing that large field  again we took the left and went through woods,

crossed Pushaw Rd., and reached the lake. There were some ice fishermen  but fortunately far enough out  that Kelley did not run out there.

We backtracked to Pushaw Rd. and walked a short distance to the development we had been in last time and looked for a way over to Trail 6 which also went to the lake. We found a trail that took us to a road and then back on another trail to the place on Pushaw Rd. where our trail started. A short trail to another part of the lake we had not been to.

Back the way we had come but this time we took the trail across the large field and met our first person of the day - a skier.

View to the side going down the hill

And some weeds

A snowmobile passed us- the only one of the day, though we heard a few others in the distance. Near the end of the hike Kelley found a side trail she wanted to take.

This was a short trail to the present school and we returned to the main trail back.

Queen Anne's Lace

A pretty good hike. We had solved the mystery of the old building and found the trails we were looking for. The hiking had been quite comfortable and Kelley seemed happy with it too.  3  1/4 hours

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