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Friday, February 28, 2014

2/27/14 Snowmobile Trails

Cold ( -9.9 when we got up but I stalled 'till it was + 10 ) . Snowmobiles have been on the easement behind our house the last couple of nights so we decided to check it out. Very nice- firmly packed snow without ice made for easy walking. This 'trail' eventually connects with the actual snowmobile trail. A side trail that we had not taken this year for lack of traffic had also had a snowmobile on it so we took that. It's nice because it gets you into the woods.

The trail eventually takes a turn an goes to the old Bomarc missile site where we turned back and returned to the main trail. A bit further on was another side trail only used by a walker and we started down that one too.

We didn't get far as the other walker had soon given up and we were into deep untrod snow. We turned back too.

We continued on the main trail to Church rd. and turned back. We stayed with the main trail and took it across Broadway and over to Griffen Rd. This trail has been slightly rerouted and didn't go through some nice woods as it had in the past. We turned back again and found a way across Broadway and walked home through the neighborhood.

Turned out to be a pretty good hike as there was little wind so the cold was not bad. The only ice was some snow covered patches in the large field before Church Rd. All of the crust supported Kelley so she could explore a bit. 2  1/2 hours


  1. Nice that you can walk out your front door and access a beautiful wooded trail.

    1. Hi Linda- actually back door but it is nice to not have to get into the car. The easement behind my house wasn't used last year so we didn't have the access. Once we reach the regular trails they link with other clubs trails and we can go all day if we want


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