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Thursday, August 29, 2013

8/29/13 Bangor

Rainy day so we just went downtown and walked around for an hour- some mist but no real rain while were there. Kelley found lots to sniff and friendly people to greet. She  had definite ideas about route- the river, of course, but then we kind of went in circles with her resisting my efforts to redirect her. I gave up and let her have her way. At one point a man remarked, "she has a mind of her own, eh?" In keeping with our odd walk- some odd pictures.

Back to the sunflowers for an unopened specimen

The last time I shot this shop there were formal dresses

Don't know what these roof top machines are but it looked kind of science fictiony to me


  1. HI John...This is some interesting post, Kelley sure comes up with some interesting variety : )!!

    Ya those roof thingy's do have that look!!
    That is a gorgeous sunflower!!



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