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Saturday, August 10, 2013

8/10/13 Around Kebo Mountain

Two days of rain ended ( we walked around the neighborhood and downtown in the rain) and we had a beautiful day in the 70's. A friend joined us and this pleased Kelley as well as just being out in the woods again. The Kebo Stream Trail is a new one that runs from the Park Loop Rd., near the Cadillac Mtn. entrance , to the Great Meadow Loop. It's in great shape and though it crossed small streams the trail was basically dry.

From it we took the Gorge Path which follows, and sometimes crosses,  a stream. We met a nice couple from Washington working on their goal of visiting all the national parks.

We only followed it to the Hemlock Trail because the Gorge becomes too difficult for Kelley further on. We took the Hemlock across to the Stratheden, another pretty woods trail.

That took us back to the Kebo Brook Trail and we headed back, completing our loop. A beautiful day and a nice leisurely hike. 3 hours


  1. I didn't realize this trail had been added. I drove through the park on Saturday, thinking, "What are all these cars doing here?"

    Thanks, John!

  2. Thanks Casey and Chris. We found it by accident last winter when walking to the Cadillac Auto Rd.


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