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Friday, August 16, 2013

8/15/13 City Forest

A beautiful sunny day. 60's when we started and 72 when we finished. We took a different route today and ended up on a trail we had not been on before- I thought we had been on all of them. We met several people and some dogs on the West Trail and old rail bed and that made Kelley happy. She was also happy that there is still lots of water around. It was quite breezy, making macro pictures difficult but I got a few.

Two views of a hoverfly

and the chicory without the fly

I think this may be a moth- very small -a little over an inch wide

Lots of dragonflies about but skittish and blown about by the wind

Not sure what this one is

All of the rain we've had has made the old rail bed very lush- looks like it's being overgrown but soon fall and then winter will prevent that.

Two views of a White Admiral showing both top and underside of wings

Northern Pearly Eye

A very nice two hour hike.


  1. Lovely flowers and butterflies!

  2. You are getting VERY HANDY with those close ups..nice colors..

    1. Thank you penbayman- I've become kind of addicted to them.

  3. Hope tomorrow for your BIRTHDAY you find a great place for both you and Kelley to enjoy--have a good one--your bother.

    1. Thanks Tom- I was just thinking about where- supposed to be a nice day.

  4. Very lovely macro photos. What kind of camera and lens?

    1. Thank you Tara- these were taken with a Pentax K10D and 100mm macro- Some pictures on other posts taken with a Fuji X10 and it's macro setting.


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