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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

8/19/13 Catherine Mountain

Another fine day They now have a small parking area ( 3 cars) near the trail head. We usually go as far as Catherine Cliffs and then return to the Caribou Connector and climb up there for lunch. Today we decided to do the whole trail , end to end.

Trail starts out relatively flat and then climbs gradually.

Too early for this

There wasn't a lot of water along this trail but it doesn't have to be much

Some views from the top

Kelley also enjoys the views

Part way down the other side is a short trail that takes you to the cliffs and views of the other side

Taking a break

We continued down to the road on the other side and then climbed back up- - steeper sections this way - and then back down the way we had come.

Waiting for me

A nice 2  1/2 hour hike.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, John. Love the shots of Kelley, especially the one where she's looking out over the lake (or bay?). Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your comment Casey- it's a lake. She's probably wondering if she can get down to it.

  3. Hi John, How far is the trailhead from the road? I don't think my old car would like the dynamite brook road if it's anything like the road to the Big Chief trail on Black Mountain.

  4. Hi Chris- It may be a worse road. Solution, then is to do it from the highway ( I think 182) at the other end- no bad roads- off road parking.

    How did you make out with "Pathmakers" ?

  5. John, Thanks for the tip. I will park and walk to the trail head.

    I haven't had a chance to get to the SWH library but I will go on Monday. Not too hopeful as there is nothing in Perrin's book that mentions it, nor is it on any of my antique AMC maps.

    1. Chris- if you walk from the Dynamite Brook Road end , I think it's about a mile from 182. The other end you are at the trail head when you park. Send me your address and I will send you a CD copy of the book

  6. Hi John, Thanks for the clarification and the CD. It's great to be able to research trails whenever I want. I'm going to try Catherine, Caribou etc. tomorrow.

    1. You are welcome- let us know what you think of the hike.

  7. John - I hiked up Catherine and found one end of the loop at the top, but I couldn't find the trail that leads north to the cliffs. I then hiked back to the connector and up Caribou to the open ledges and back again. A nice three hour jaunt. Incidentally the Dynamite Brook road is now quite smooth all the way to parking "lot".

  8. Hi Chris

    Thanks for the report. We have had trouble with that loop atop Catherine too.


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