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Saturday, April 6, 2013

4/5/13 Hidden Ponds

Cloudy start but we got some clearing during the hike and it turned into a nice day. Plan was to do Catherine Mountain but it's trail head is accessed via Dynamite Brook Rd. which starts from the highway with a steep hill and a sharp right turn which prevents you seeing the rest of the road until you top the hill. All we needed to see was the ice on the hill to give up on Catherine. I had anticipated this possibility and our fallback was Hidden Ponds a very short distance up the highway.

The start of our trail was wet with water in the small streams

I don't know what causes this on the trunks of trees

We were still some distance from the ponds but someone had stuck this lost bobber on a limb , much the way they do lost gloves, hats, etc.

The trail became icier in spots and then we came across surprising amounts of snow

When you come to the new Loop Trail you see this sign

but the trail beyond, which goes to Tilden Pond is in good condition ( today it had more ice than the other trails) and easily followed- which we did. It ends at the pond

but it easy to follow the shore to the end of the pond

where there are some old woods roads yet to be explored.  We backtracked to do the loop trail which took us by Salmon Pond and to Little Long Pond

 then by Salmon on the other side

We took a short detour to also get to Mud Pond which has some interesting rock formations

We had lunch and then head back. One more dip for Kelley just before the end of the hike

Turned out to be a nice hike of 2  3/4 hours. In the parking lot we met two men just starting their hike and learned about some trails we were not aware of. Info. on the way.


  1. John, sorry to see you have anonymous trolls. What a pain.

    Nice to see pictures of Hidden Ponds. This is where I met you and Kelley last fall. I'm looking forward to exploring the old trail up Tunk this summer.

    1. I took the loop up tunk Mt the old section needs more clearin me & my friend cleared small stuff as we went but it needs a chainsaw but still great hike 3 hours I meet John before we headed out

  2. Hi Christopher- I remember- thanks for commenting. Let us know how that hike goes. Kelley does best on the trail from Myrick Pond Rd. -actually a small road off Myrick Pond Rd.

    The troll is gone and yes, it's annoying- Google catches many before they get posted but I still have to remove some myself.

  3. John goodday to you this is Shawn the hiker from yesterday sometime this week meet me in cherryfield I can show & hike the Sprague falls hike with you & Kelly also we could plan a machaisport hike the fellows name Bill Copperwaite, extraordinary cat check him out at google & YouTube tell ur pup hello

  4. Hi Shawn - thanks for commenting and for providing information that may be helpful to other hikers.

    The hike sounds good- easier to work out by email- you have mine.Kelley says 'hi' back at ya

    1. Im havin troubles with my e-mail once its straighteNed out il contact you love ur blogs & what ur doing il be in contact


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