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Friday, April 5, 2013

4/4/13 Kebo Brook Trail

Sunny and 30's but very windy making it feel colder when we were in the open. In the shelter of the trees it was quite pleasant. We wanted to complete the section between Stratheden and the Great Meadow Loop that we had not done on our last hike and follow the Gorge Path further than last time as someone had told us part of it had been rerouted ( that trail becomes quite difficult as you go south with large steep rocky sections and some of the trail actually in the stream and too much for Kelley)

We started from the trail head near the Cadillac Mtn. entrance and found the trails almost completely clear of snow and ice. There were also ample opportunities for Kelley to enjoy the water.

After walking most of the Great Meadow Loop we got on the Hemlock Road. Though it is called a road the section before it intersects with the Jesup is a narrow trail ( at the intersection it becomes an old road).

We followed the Jesup to the road and met a nice woman who, with her husband , had also found some of the abandoned trails we have sought out and had a nice chat about finding them.

We followed the road back up to the Hemlock Trail to take us over to the Gorge Path.  More ice patches but not a bad trail. It was nice to see streams without ice in them.

The first part of the Gorge Path was mostly clear but then became much icier and even had patches of snow. We reached a point where the trail crosses the stream and the rocks were icy and the trail beyond was really icy ( the trail is the light part on the right).

We turned back and I decided the reroute must have been the initial section. We returned to the Kebo trail and back the way we had come.  A nice 3 hour hike.


  1. Looks like things are thawing out in your area. Our mountains still have tons of snow (with more predicted this weekend) but here in Portland everything is green and blooming. Such a contrast!

  2. Hi Linda - thanks for your comment.It varies here depending on where we go- see the previous post of our misadventure with snow and ice.


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