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Saturday, April 27, 2013

4/26/13 Western Mountains

Beautiful day. Sunny and 50's when we got to the trails and little wind- shirt sleeve hiking!

The mountains in this part of the park all have wooded summits without views. The trails are mostly woods walks except for the first part of  West Ledge and the one we chose- Razorback. This is, to me, the most interesting trail in this area and has some nice views. It was more difficult for Kelley than I remembered and entailed  work arounds , several boosts, and bushwhacks.

Parking is at the pumping station at the end of Long Pond and Kelley, of course, was immediately into the water.

First view after climbing through woods and over rocks

From this point you are mostly on open ledge with brief woods sections

This required the largest bushwhack and I led Kelley through brush and fallen trees to get around it.

A stream running down the mountain provide a cold drink

The section from which, I think,  the trail name was derived

It may look precarious but this section was actually easier and Kelley trotted right over it.

Looking back from the point we were off the rocks and entering  the woods to drop down to Great Notch.

From Great Notch we took that trail down to the Pond Trail  ( both easy) which took us to the pond and then runs along it's shore back to our start.

A ledge that sticks out into the water where we usually have lunch and Kelley a swim.

A beautiful day and a nice, if challenging in part, hike. It was a real treat after the gray cold weather we have been having. 3  1/4 hours


  1. Hi, John. Pardon me for not commenting much as of late, though I do lurk about. It's always a treat to stop by and check out your photographs - they are postcard perfect! Have you ever submitted any to publications or calendars that relate to Maine?

    Glad to see you guys are getting out frequently still. Take care -

  2. Hi Casey- thanks for your nice comments. No, I have never been interested in doing anything commercial with my photos. We try to get out every day.


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