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Friday, April 26, 2013

4/25/13 Marsh Island

Still raining when we got up but it stopped by 10 o'clock and we headed for the nearby Marsh Island trails. Still working on getting the garden in shape and hope to have time for more of that this afternoon. The trails were not as wet as I had anticipated but a small stream we crossed had lots of water and Kelley was happy with that

and I got a picture of a knot on the rail of the bridge

We followed the trail that leads to the Penobscot and there was water in the boggy areas that had been dry when we were last here.

We found no wildflowers and the trees have not leafed out yet- still kind of wintry looking.

A pleasant hour and a half.


  1. I really like the photo of the tree reflected in the water. Reflection photos are really kind of neat.

    1. Hi Wandering- thanks for your comment. I have a weakness for reflections too

  2. Kelley looks so happy to be out swimming!

  3. Hi Linda - thanks for commenting- yes- the girl is happy for all the water and no ice.


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