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Monday, April 29, 2013

4/28/13 Cedar Swamp Mountain

Another beautiful day- that's three in a row of shirt sleeve hiking. Seemed like a good day for Cedar Swamp Mtn. via the Sargent S. Ridge Trail. This part of the trail has some minor work arounds for Kelley but nothing she needs help with. It's a pretty trail with good views as it alternates between woods and open ledge.

Two views from Cedar Swamp Mtn.

From there we decided to return by the Amphitheater Trail . The main problem with this route is a steep drop down to Birch Spring which Kelley cannot do without help and she doesn't care for that at all.

We made it down and got on the Amphitheater Trail

Kelley scrambled right down this steep rocky section

because at the bottom was Little Harbor Brook and a swim.

We followed the Amphitheater to a carriage road and that to the Asticou and back to the carriage road we had come in on. We only met two women with a dog on the whole hike- on the way up they passed us and then we met them again as we were all nearing the parking lot.  A nice hike on a beautiful day.  3  1/4 hours


  1. Wow, nice views. Like your last photo of Kelley shaking in the water.

    1. Thanks for looking and commenting Linda. It's a really nice hike.

  2. Do you have a favorite hike?

    1. Hi Ken- thanks for visiting. I would have a hard time picking a favorite. I'm lucky to live in an area with lots of choices and the hikes vary by season and weather. Kelley likes trails with lots of water and she likes trails she hasn't done before or that we haven't done in awhile.

  3. Does she remember trails you've hiked before? Assuming she does because of her breed.

    1. She has a good memory- she often makes turns ahead of me. She also remembers the spots we stop for an apple or for lunch or where the water is. I think the other advantage she has is her sense of smell. Recently I was having trouble following a trail and she trotted right over to it. At other times I thought she was going the wrong way and I would tell her, only to find out she was right and I was wrong.


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