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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

4/10/13 Downtown and Walden Park

Yesterday it rained most of the day and we just did a short walk around the neighborhood. We had to go by Sarge's house but he wasn't outside. He did, however, leave a  chew strip in the yard and Kelley got that.

This morning it was more rain. I had to go to the library so during one of the breaks we walked around downtown for a bit.

A bank

The Kenduskeag  Stream runs between concrete banks as it goes through town

After lunch it looked like it was clearing and we quickly made the 3 or 4 mile drive to Walden. It didn't really clear but we got an hours hike in without getting rained on- a little sprinkle near the end - and it was in the 50's and comfortable.

Kelley was just glad to be out in the woods, especially since most of the ice was gone and she was able to get into water in several places

We found some lichens but no signs of spring

until we saw this guy. Kelley got excited but wasn't sure what to make of it and left it in peace.

The next few days have more rain forecast but they are often wrong so we will see what the morning brings.


  1. Nice photos of Downtown! I really like the Bangor Savings Bank one with the person walking of the steps.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bangor Bytes- good eye seeing the person.

  3. 6" of snow coming our way..I hope they are wrong..but it sounds like a nasty weekend shaping up..again!

  4. Hi penbayman- starting to seem like there is no end to it. Yesterday on Black Cap we found drifts several inches deep.

  5. Hi John..I'm looking at some your post I have missed and way to many : (
    I really like the reflections of the brick building, I saw the first on Facebook it is a nice one!!
    Of course Kelley has here dip of the day ; )
    I wasn't impressed with the snake though "yikes" I hate snakes, no matter how small they are : )

    1. Hi Grace- Thank you and I always appreciate your comments.


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