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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4/23/13 and 4/24/13 University Forest and Bangor

Yesterday it was supposed to rain so we went to the nearby University Forest. These are the most confusing trails we hike and I don't think we have ever managed to follow this map. One day we met a biker who said he had used them for years and still got lost. There are many more trails than those indicated on the map. There are different maps posted at some intersections- other intersections have no indicators. The numbers posted on some of the trails do not  coincide with the maps numbers. We started out to follow the trails to the Corn Field loop. Trail 9 continued long past where it is shown on the map and then became so wet we turned back. We ended up out by a road and a construction  business, turned back and tried various trails until by accident we found the Corn Field loop. We then did a hit or miss on various trails until we found one we recognized would take us back. I was concentrating on trying to sort out the trails and didn't take pictures. There were many muddy spots and lots and lots of water. Kelley was perfectly happy with the situation as she was constantly in and out of the water. I was mostly frustrated for 2  1/2 hours

Today it was raining when we got up and continued  all day. We finally  went downtown and just walked about in the rain for an hour. Kelley was into intensive sniffing-usually when it's wet she is more attuned to the smells along our walk - so the going was a bit slow. I was looking for signs of spring ( besides April showers) and found a few along with some other things.

I think this is more work by 'Pigeon' as it is pasted  rather than painted on the wall.


  1. John, enjoyed the tour as always. The last photo is fantastic. Happy to see you are starting some seed. Bill

  2. Hi Bill

    - Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yes- feeling a bit pressured trying to make time for Kelley and the garden. Started peppers about 6 days ago so way behind you.


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