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Monday, December 10, 2012

12/9/12 Park Loop Road and Hunters Brook

Cloudy when we left home but sunny when we got to the island. Decided to get in a good one today as bad weather forecast again for tomorrow.  We started from the parking area near  the end of Otter Cliff road. It was really nice to be out in the sun and the closed road was deserted except for a lone biker.

This is a nice stretch of loop road because it is mostly close to the shore. There are some pull offs for cars  for views and also  very short paths from the road to other ledges with views. Kelley found all of those and insisted we check them out

There is also a set of stairs leading down to a rocky beach

 We followed the loop road to the Hunters Brook Trail , just past where the road passes under Rte. 3 . The brook makes this another of the trails Kelley really likes.

We followed this trail to near the point where it turns away from the stream and then turned back the way we had come. On the way out we met a nice family on the trail and this pleased Kelley.

Back on the loop road we turned toward where we had started and Kelly  had to revisit the paths we had visited on the way

  On the way back there were a lot more people, both bikers and people on foot- taking advantage of the beautiful day when tommorow is going to be nasty.

I am always impressed with life clinging to the smallest of niches.

  A nice outing for both of us - 3  1/2 hours


  1. Interesting to see in what close proximity the red rock, black rock and grey rocks are located. Must have been an very active geologic area.

  2. Hi John- I think most of it is the result of glacial action.

  3. Beautiful, John. Love the mossy woods... well, the streams, rocks, ocean, everything here!

  4. Thanks Faith- one of the few nice days we have had lately.


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