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Monday, December 17, 2012

12/16/12 Boyd Road/Path

This is another of the abandoned trails. It was an early cart road. To find it you start from Rte. 3 on the gated forest service road which leads to their firing range. Continue a short distance past the range to a small clearing. In the upper left corner if you look among the trees you will find the narrow trail - which sometimes gets a little wider indicating that it was once more than a narrow trail . It is easy to follow to the intersection with the Pond Trail and a bit beyond that but then swings up to the carriage road. We have not been able to find that last piece to Bubble Pond. This is part of a map from the book "Pathmakers" and I have added names and colored roads to make it easier to follow.

A very cold day with sun to start and a clouded finish. I had cold hands the whole hike. Kelley did not seem to mind and even walked into water to drink.

This lock was on a building at the range and it reminded me of winter being described as 'the locking' in a book read long ago.

When we got to the carriage road , we followed it to Bubble Pond

and then followed the road beside the pond to the northern end of it and found lots of interesting things along the shore.

This is a small frozen stream that had been flowing down the hill toward the carriage road

At the northern end of the pond is a picnic table which, in the past we have used for snacks or lunch, and Kelley immediately recognized it and got excited as she does when food is coming. We had our apple snack and then headed back down the carriage road toward the Hunters Brook Trail which we planned to take back.

Across the pond - some thin ice

From the rocks along the road

The Hunters Brook Trail  crosses and recrosses the stream and this was a challenge today as  many of the rocks used as stepping stones were ice covered.  Kelly does not like to walk on ice because of the lack of traction and she also does not like the ice  that breaks beneath her feet- so a bit challenging for her too.  Still a very pleasant trail

And more ice

When the Hunters Brook Trail reaches Rte. 3, it was a short walk to our car parked by the service road.  An interesting hike with more to see than I had anticipated. We met no one the whole hike.  3 hours


  1. Great post. I enjoyed the "cyber hike."

  2. Thanks Stephen - I appreciate you commenting

  3. Another great hike; excellent pictures too. As Steven says, these "cyber hikes" are very enjoyable. Still, however, I need to step away from the computer and get outside...

  4. Thanks Christopher- the weather of late has not been much of an inducement to get outside.


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