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Saturday, December 29, 2012

12/28/12 Walden

Still close to home. Yesterday we stayed close because of the continuing storm. Today I had to clear the drive of about 8 inches of snow. We went for a walk before I dealt with the snow in  the drive. After lunch we went to Walden to see if we could walk the trails- it looked like one walker ( without snowshoes) had preceded us and we met four skiers in an hour of slogging. I didn't want to push it for Kelley's sake, though mostly she walked behind me in my tracks.

We followed another's track's on a side trail until they stopped and turned back which is what we did.

Kelley using ski tracks on another side trail


  1. I believe that is heading my way tonight. It will be nice to get the snow shoes out though.

  2. John,
    Bonus item for me to stop by your blog today. #1 lots of fresh snow pictures...makes me peaceful immediately.
    #2 seeing a good looking Airedale. Sarge is a handsome boy.
    be careful out there.
    We got enough snow to coat and have a good romp. it will be gone tomorrow!

  3. Hi Teresa- it does beat the rain

  4. Hi Julie- all the dogs seemed to love the snow- we got a few more inches last night and it's still coming down.

  5. Plenty of new white stuff for Kelley The Wonderdog to frolic in now John!

  6. Hi penbayman- and she loves it- 6 more inches last night- I have not felt well for a couple of days so we are just walking in the neighborhood.


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