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Saturday, December 15, 2012

12/14/14 Sargent Mountain

Mix of sun and clouds with more clouds as the day progressed. At lower elevations ( along the streams) there was no wind- even the tops of the trees were still. But when we got up onto the S. Ridge Trail and the open ledges the wind was quite strong and very cold. Odd. This is a somewhat strenuous hike as Sargent is the second highest peak in the park and the trails we chose have lots of footing issues ( roots, rocks, stream crossings) . We started from Rte. 3 on the Hadlock Brook Trail and found this gnarly fungus

At the next junction we took the Maple Spring Trail which is more challenging but Kelley managed all the work arounds on her own. After the second carriage road the trail becomes more difficult and when we
 reached the bridge at that road we climbed up  and walked the short distance to the next bridge and the Hadlock Brook Trail which is easier for Kelley.

The falls are visible from this second  bridge and the the trail runs along side.

There were more challenges for me on this trail with lots of exposed roots

Looking back down as we near the Sargent S. Ridge Trail. The top section of the trail had been  really treacherous with large sheets of ice covered granite to work around as well as smaller patches of ice on parts of the trail.

Once on the S. Ridge Trail, the rest of the way to the summit is mostly open rock and easy walking but , today, windy and cold.

Some views from the summit

And a panoramic shot- please click and then again for the large version

Sargent Summit View pano 12-14-12

After a quick apple break ( huddled behind boulders for protection from the wind ) we headed back down.

Kelley waiting patiently for me to take a picture

On the return we stayed with the Hadlock Brook Trail . Still some work arounds for Kelley but she seemed happy to be on the trail and excited when she solved a problem spot.

The bridge over the Hadlock Brook Trail

And finally a tiny seedling growing out of a rotting log

A bit challenging  but a satisfying hike with lots of variety. 3 hours


  1. Love the photos! Especially the one of all the exposed roots.

  2. Thanks for your comment Linda

  3. John- I found your site about a month ago and am really loving it. I went to maine for the first time in late September and spent 4 days in Acadia. I hiked the Upper Hadlock carriage road loop so I passed those bridges. One of my favorite spots in the whole park. Thanks for letting me relive a magical day. How blessed you are to have Acadia in your backyard.

  4. Hi Lexa - thank you for your comment. We are ,indeed, lucky to live in a beautiful place.


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