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Monday, December 3, 2012

12/3/12 Downtown Bangor

Woke up to a gray drizzely day but by mid morning the sun was out so we went downtown for an hour and a quarter. Kelley was glad to just get out of the house and downtown offers a banquet of smells and lots of people to greet. About an hour into our walk it clouded back up. Some of what we saw.

I think these are more of Pigeon's work.

  Built in 1897, the Thomas Hill Standpipe is a 1.75 million gallon, riveted steel tank enclosed in a wooden shroud. Four times a year they open it to the public and you can walk up inside stairs  to an observation deck. The windows are beside the stairs. 



  1. The piece of art/graffiti at the top reminds me of a Japanese screen print. I believe I can read "Pigeon...again" at the bottom. very nice. Always enjoy seeing what you come up with when you walk downtown.

  2. Thanks for your comment John. It does look like a Japanese print - I find his stuff interesting.

  3. I am becoming a real "follower" of the Pigeon--does he sell his things anywhere??

  4. I don't believe he sells anything. Here is a link from the local paper

    If you type 'Pigeon' in the search box top left it will take you to to other posts containing his work

  5. If Pigeon did sell things, they'd probably be through here -


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