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Thursday, December 6, 2012

12/5/12 Walden

We got up to a gray rainy day and just did a short walk around the neighborhood. Then about noon it cleared so we went to nearby Walden for an hour and a quarter. Didn't do much with the camers but it was nice to beoutside in the sun and it made Kelley happy. Shortly after we got home the clouds returned.

These tiny things are British Soldier Lichen. They were on the top of an old stump and the scene looked, to me, like one out of a science fiction movie.


  1. John, as always enjoy your post and photos.The British Soldier Lichen is just wonderful.I have never seen that plant. Guess its not a Southern thing. I am hoping for a new camera for Christmas. Also hoping I can learn how to use it. Bill

  2. HI John...Very fitting for being near Christmas don't you think : }
    If you give it a quick glance it also looks like red poppies from a long distance!
    Yes I co have a vivid imagination!!
    I do like seeing and finding them amazing little tiny things they are !!

  3. Thanks Bill- take lots of pictures- best way to learn- then show us

  4. Thanks Grace- so do I and these are really small- probably without the red caps I would miss them

  5. Ellie and I took a nice walk yesterday without getting in the car. Here is a link to the trail. It was ½ hour walk from my house to the trail head off Rte 17. We were gone 2 hrs. & 20 min. Not much water for Kelley but we could add a side trip to Shedd Pond along the snowmobile trail. The leaves were wet & slippery. There’s a short muddy section between my house & Rte. 17 It’ll be nicer when the ground is frozen and snow covered.


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