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Sunday, December 16, 2012

12/15/12 Bangor

Very cold and also windy. We went downtown for a short walk and then in the afternoon for a walk around the neighborhood. Kelley does not mind the cold and did her usual exploration of  the available smells ( there are lots downtown)  but I was not inspired , perhaps unzipping my coat or taking off gloves influenced this. So, a couple of reflections.


  1. John, Thanks for stopping by my blog again.
    I've been super busy and haven't been by yours in a while. So I just snuggled in and enjoyed your posts. I really like your reflections in these windows. Very clever.
    Your pictures always warm my heart for beloved Maine.


  2. Hi Julie - I especially enjoy seeing Violet - there is an Airedale named Sarge in our neighborhood who is Kelley's favorite friend. If we walk in the neighborhood, she knows all the turns to get to Sarge's house and insists we go there. Here is a link to a post

    Thanks for commenting today. Kelley and I like Maine a lot too.

  3. love the windows. they are nice abstracts

  4. Thanks for your comment Teresa


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