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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12/24/12 Sunkhaze

Mostly sunny, cold , but little wind.  Though Kelley seemed fine this morning I was still concerned about the bit of lameness yesterday and wanted an easy hike. We did the Carter Meadow Road first. This starts as a gated service road which takes you to the loop trail and to the observation platform.

Little Birch Stream runs  near the road and today we could hear the water

This old stump was beside the road in shade but lit by a shaft of sunlight.

The first part of the loop trail was quite wet with puzzling conditions- patches of water, thin ice, and ice that would support my weight- I couldn't determine why there was this variation.

 View of the meadows from the observation platform

After completing the loop we took the road back to the car and drove the short distance to the  Johnson Brook Trail. This consists of some old woods roads and some more narrow trails. We followed the road to the beaver pond

 and then went back to do the loop.

There are several of these bridges and most have become quite warped. This was not the worst but Kelley wasn't sure she wanted to use it.

Bog bridges through the cedar swamp

Though there was little wind it felt colder than yesterday but it still turned out to be a good hike. Kelley showed no signs of discomfort during or after the hike. The trails each took about an hour to complete.


  1. brilliant photos John. I love the stump photo and the one with the stick sticking out of the ice.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  2. Thanks for your comment Teresa - Happy Holidays to you too

  3. Your blog and photos will inspire us to do this walk when we move to the area next spring.

    Joel & Kathy

  4. Thanks for your comment Joel and Kathy. It is a beautiful area with lots of good hikes. If you use the search function ( top left) you can find posts on specific trails or areas. E-mail me if you want other info.

  5. John-

    Thanks for your offer. We'll be moving to the Lincoln area[about 45 minutes north of Bangor as you might know] in the spring. There doesn't seem to be nearly as many walks and hikes there as in the Acadia-Ellsworth area. Of course, Baxter is a trek. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


  6. Hi Joel

    I don't know of much near your new spot. The Lagrange Rail Trail is fairly close

    Baxter is worth the trip but closed to us because they don't allow dogs.

    It sounds like the Bangor area is closer to you than most spots we hike. There are fair number of hikes near me but Sunkhaze is probably the most remote.

    1. Thanks for the information.



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