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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3/9/10 The Pond Trail

A gray day as we left Bangor but sunny by the time we got to Acadia. We were going to try a section of the Pond Trail (between the carriage road and the Cadillac S. Ridge Trail) that we were not able to do earlier this winter because of snow obscuring the trail. We started the hike at the Jordan Pond parking area and the pond was beautiful in it's still mostly frozen state.

The first part of the trail ( Jordan Pond to the second carriage road) we had done before and it is mostly flat except for some small easy elevation gains. It has been a windy winter and there were several large trees down across the trail but otherwise the footing was pretty good with most of the snow gone.

We crossed the carriage road and began the new ( for us) part. At first we were able to follow the trail though there were no blazes in evidence but it soon seemed to peter out. On the map it is difficult to tell if the trail runs close along the carriage road or, at times, coincides with it. We began walking along the road looking for the trail to our side. After a bit Kelley ( the wonder dog) dashed off into the woods; she had found the trail. Though this section is described as stony, steep, and strenuous it had been easy hiking until we began to encounter the stony part ( which was, at least, well marked) .

We continued, as the trail became much steeper with icy rocks and patches of fairly deep snow, until we came to this spot. Kelley can usually find a way around but this time she could not. I managed to get to the top of this section ( those hand holds are ice covered) but neither could I see a way around for Kelley so we turned back.

When we got back to the carriage road we took that to the Hunters Brook Trail ( steady steep climb but good footing today) up to the Triad where we had lunch.

From the Triad we took the Pemetic SE Trail back to the Pond Trail and that back to Jordan Pond. It was such a beautiful day that we walked the Jordan Pond Trail ( almost completely clear of snow) north to the Carry Trail.

Another shot of the pond near where we turned back and returned to our car.

Though the hike did not go as planned ( not the first time) we still had a great day in beautiful sun. 4 hours


  1. Ciao John,

    you're having beautiful sunny days in Italy 1000 km of highway are covered by seems spring is far late for us this year...mimosa trees are all yellow just now: last year they were all yellow on late january...

  2. Ciao Marco

    We have had some beautiful days-not yet warm (40's) and we could get a foot of snow next week but we are enjoying it while it lasts. This whole year has been odd weather for us.

  3. I hope you have a better chili growing season this year.

  4. Thanks John W. Last summer was poor for almost everything ( except the cold weather crops like kale). I am cutting back this year, especially the peppers, to have more hiking time and the garden had become work rather than fun.


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