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Sunday, March 14, 2010

3/13/10 Dorr Mountain

Another sunny day. The plan was to hike in the Donnell Pond area. We wanted to hike to Caribou Mtn. and perhaps complete the long loop over Black Mtn. and find exactly where the trail starts on Black Mtn. (another story). We tried to go to the trail head on Black Mtn. Rd. but were blocked by trees across the road. We then took the Schoodic Beach Rd. which seemed fine at first but as we neared the parking area they had ceased plowing and I was afraid we would not get back out when the snow softened later in the day. So, off to Acadia.

We parked at the end of Kebo St.and walked the loop road to the Dorr N. Ridge Trail which crosses Kebo before continuing on to the Dorr summit. There was little snow and good footing as we came down from Kebo

After the intersection with the Hemlock Trail we began to encounter some snow and, as we ascended, patches of ice and though the trail is fairly steep it was not difficult to get around the ice.

Looking back down the trail we had come up.

Near the top we were in the open and the wind was quite bracing.

We wanted to do a loop but remembered the difficulties we had on the side of the mountain 3 weeks ago when Mary had hiked with us. We decided to give it a try and just back up if it was too icy. The first part of the trail down still had considerable snow and ice but not as bad as the last time. We met a man coming up with his dog and Kelley got to play for awhile and this made her very happy. I got a little information on trail conditions and decided to continue. At the next intersection we took the Schiff Path and this had good footing.

As did the Emery Path. These used to be called Dorr Mtn. and Dorr East Face Trails.
At the next intersection we took the Homans Path which has recently been reopened and had pretty good footing though it has some quite steep sections and a narrow opening that, at one time, would have put Kelley off.

From the nature center area we took the Strath Eden back to the loop road and back to our car. A nice hike after the disappointment at Donnell. 3 1/2 hours


  1. It's easy to understand Kelley's hesitation at that narrow opening on Homan's Path. While walking at our park the other day we met a lady and her white Lab crossing a narrow suspension bridge...the dog planted its feet and refused to cross the bouncing bridge. (He did finally summon his courage and scamper across). Sometimes dogs are smarter than we are.

  2. Yes, she has become braver. At one time she would not have passed through there. She also avoided those plank walks in wet areas which she now will use. As a young pup she would not jump across a 8" wide ditch a few inches deep. When we first started at Acadia she wouldn't use the steps unless there was no other way-now she just takes them in stride. The mountain climbing seems to have taught her things and given her confidence. She loves to hike and, as I've said, goes off trail for views and runs to it when we near a summit.


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