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Thursday, March 4, 2010

3/4/10 Georges Highland Path

This is a bit confusing. The land is state owned Frye Mountain Wildlife Management Area but two other conservation groups(Georges River Land Trust and the Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance) are involved with the network of trails that also extends beyond this immediate area. We parked at the Wildlife Management lot on Walker Ridge Road (closed in winter)and walked on the road to the trail head

We were surprised to find a good deal of snow ( there is almost none in Bangor which is only an hour away) and this made for a bit of a slog. The crust would only support Kelley part of the time ( and me almost never) but she is game and seemed to enjoy herself in spite of the hard work.

A pretty section of the trail. We took the 'alternative route' outbound ( which we had not taken before) to avoid a possible high water situation at the stream. We eventually came to a road and there was no indication of which way to go to continue the trail. After stumbling around the woods across from our exit point, and not finding the trail, we went up and down the road and found the trail ( go to your right). After about an hour and a half we had not found the Loop Junction and the snow was now knee deep and we decided to turn back.

Kelley checks out a stream

On our return we did not take the 'alternative route' and when we came to the Bartlett Stream crossing found it not difficult.

Kelley did not care for it and might disagree

Up and down the Bartlett Stream. While taking the second picture I dropped a glove in the stream and had to slog through more snow to retrieve it.

The trail took us back to the road and thence to our car. A pretty hike though not easy walking and a bit tiring ( for me-but when we hit the road Kelley was ready to run- but she is younger than I am) 3 1/4 hours


  1. Nice pics. Liked the shots of footprints...and Kelley.
    Does the multi-jurisdictional overlap affect anything?

  2. Ciao John,

    after all this training you're ready for the next winter olympic
    The footprints show how deep was the snow on your path...

  3. John W.--Thanks. I'm not sure how the different land trusts interact but there are quite a few of them maintaining some nice trails and lands.I keep discovering new ones. There are also several different state agencies that maintain recreational and preservation areas. It's very nice that so many people are concerned with keeping the beauty we have.

    Ciao Marco --No Olympics for this old man. All that snow made for two tired hikers.


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