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Friday, March 5, 2010

3/5/10 Bald Rock and Cameron Mtns.

A sunny day! Back to Camden Hills State Park but this time from the entrance on Route 173 near Lincolnville.We took the Ski Lodge Trail (well packed snow-easy walking) to the Frohock Mtn Trail which had much less snow than yesterdays trails though about the same distance from Bangor.

Instead of following the trail to Frohock we continued on the unnamed trail to Bald Rock Mtn. As we ascended the snow got deeper but still much easier than yesterday . There are two lean to near the summit and this view is just up from the second.

We continued down the Bald Rock Trail to the Ski Lodge Trail and across to the Cameron Mtn trail. This trail is used by snowmobilers and provided very nice walking. It also had several open streams which gave Kelley many chances to get wet and she got to meet some nice people which also made her happy.

Cameron Mtn appears to be quite low but provides some nice views. The redish colored vegetation is blueberry bushes.

Kelley checking things out.

From Cameron we backtracked to the Ski Lodge Trail and followed that back to our car. 2 1/2 hours


  1. So, that must be the famous "Blueberry Hill". I would revisit that place this July with a bucket.

  2. I believe that is actually private property but there are lots of other places to pick. On many of the trails at Acadia you can stop for a snack along the way. Kelley likes them but won't pick her own and waits for me to pick them for her.

  3. Ha, ha. Kelley the fruit eating dog and bush-wacker extraordinaire!


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