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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3/2/10 Acadia-Valley Peak-St. Sauveur

Another gray day but no wind and no rain. Acadia is a difficult mountain for Kelley even in summer because of the steep rocky sections but she was excited to be on the trail and took advantage of several bodies of open water.

We started from the parking area on Route 102, taking the Acadia Mountain Trail east and soon came to our first need to work around. Once past this ice the trail was easier though rocky and fairly steep.

As we ascended we encountered more snow ( see it's not all gone Marco) and some nice views.

From the summit the trail turns south and becomes even more steep. Kelley was able to find ways around all but one spot where she needed a lift ( which she does not care for).

In spite of the treacherous footing we were able to stop and enjoy the views. It surprises me but if there is a ledge offering a view Kelley almost always leaves the trail to trot over and have a look. Somes sound below is said to be the only fjord on the east coast.

At the bottom of the trail is Man O' War Brook which got it's name from the British habit of stopping there to take on water.
Shortly after we began the Valley Peak Trail. It rose fairly steeply through woods for awhile but then became snowy and eventually opened out on large granite sheets covered with slippery wet snow. This was very bad footing and we almost turned back. The trail was also difficult to follow as most blazes were snow covered. Kelley is, however, quite good at finding the trails. Once by this section we were able to enjoy more great views.

At Valley Peak the trail makes a u-turn and becomes the St. Sauveur Mtn. Trail and heads back north. This trail was pretty good walking, especially after the section on Valley Peak.

A section of St. Sauveur as we approached the end of our hike back at the Acadia Mountain parking area.

All in all an interesting hike with lots of variety both in scenery and conditions. I guess it is a combination of how the snow falls and how much sun an area gets but on a single hike you can walk on bare ground and also be in snow over the tops of your boots. 4 1/4 hours


  1. Acadia mountain is hard for me, and my legs are a lot longer than Ms. Kelley.

    The shots really capture the trail as I remember it.

    Looks like a great day.

  2. Thanks for your comments.It was a good day.

  3. Ciao John,

    you're right!There's a lot of snow around your path...and it seems this was a difficult trail for both...

  4. Ciao Marco

    More difficult for me than for Kelley.

  5. Dear John,

    I just found your website -- and I love it! My boyfriend and I are going to Acadia soon and are considering hiking this loop, in part for its own sake, and in part for the views of Somes Sound. He is an experienced day hiker, and I am a beginner (we summitted NH's Mt. Monadnock recently and I did fine). Could you recommend this trail? Is there another one with similar views of Somes Sound?

    I love reading about your adventures with Kelley -- please keep up the blog!


  6. Hi Susan

    Thanks for your comments and encouragement ( we have not received many suggestions--the point of the blog- but will continue). Another hike with nice views of Somes Sound and probably much less crowded than Acadia ( which is a nice hike though quite popular)is Flying Mountain and Valley Peak

  7. Thanks, John! This is great. I'll be sure to report back after our trip.



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