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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/21/10 Penobscot Mountain

Weird day weather-wise with mostly clouds, some snow (the white spots on the pictures are not defects),and briefly, sun and snow at the same time. We started on the Asticou Trail ( a nice, mostly flat, walk in the woods) from The Jordan Pond parking lot and walked to the start of the Penobscot Mtn. Trail. This trail was recently reopened and is an easier beginning than the older trail ( now called the Spring Trail)
Near the start of the trail

The trail starts in woods but soon rises to open vistas. The trail has good footing and is not difficult.

Looking down from the trail

After merging with the Spring Trail it becomes completely open and is mostly over granite sheets.

Mary doing a good job of getting Kelley to pose.

Mary and Kelley at the summit in the snow

We decide to make the hike a loop and return via Sargent Mtn. S. Ridge Trail. This involved a steep and somewhat treacherous drop into the notch between the two mountains ( some deep snow drifts and a fair amount of icy rocks) and then a climb up to the Sargent Mtn. trail.

Kelley supervising Mary's ascent

At Birch Spring there is a very difficult section for Kelley as there is not an easy way around and she needs a boost( which she does not care for).

A short detour to Cedar Swamp Mountain for lunch

We then followed the Sargent S. Ridge ( a gentle descent through mostly woods) back to the Asticou and that back to the parking lot. A very nice hike. 5 3/4 hours


  1. Very nice pictures. Looks like you all enjoyed the hike.

  2. Thanks. It was a good one - strange weather and all.


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