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Sunday, November 8, 2015

11/7/15 Harbor Brook

Mix of sun and clouds but upper 50's - shirtsleeve hiking! We usually do a loop using all or part of the Elliot Mt. trail but today decided to just do an out and back on the brook trail. Was curious to see what work had been done on the new trail from Harbor Brook to Long Pond.

The color is pretty much finished as are the wildflowers and insects, so today it's mostly the brook and Kelley in the brook, She loves this trail and is in and out of the water at every opportunity.

The stream was low

but Kelley found enough water to get wet

The trail is in need of work as there are lots of blowdowns and erosion. There are also a lot of trees across the brook but I guess those will just stay.

Trees across the stream - no problem

One of many pools

 and another section of the brook

An interesting fungus

 more Kelley in the water

another fungus

What else?

When we reached the new trail we found no progress had been made and it still ended at the brook. We continued to a spot we usually stop for lunch, when we do the loop, and had an apple break and then returned the way we had come

A few leaves survive

Last two  ( There were several more)

A nice hike in spite of the poor condition of the trail. Kelley had to do some work arounds and I slipped down the bank into the stream- wet shoes and a banged up knee but not serious. Kelley really enjoyed the fact that this trail is almost always right next to the water.  2 hours 


  1. What a lovely brook! Kelley looks so happy!

    1. Yes, Linda- it's a pretty hike and Kelley loves all that water

  2. The fungus photos are great. SO interesting. And of course, I always like seeing Kelley in the water. Glad you didn't get hurt when you fell.


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