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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

11/2/15 Essex Woods

Another cold morning drizzle. We headed to nearby Essex Woods for about an hour. No map because the map we had did not show the trail names. There are new trail name signs on some of the trails but since the names were not on the map we ended up going in circles ( there are also trails not on the map) .

There was still some color

and water for Kelley

A couple of shots of the wetlands and we headed up the hill to our car.

A not long hike on a dreary day but at least we got out.


  1. I'm sure Kelley appreciated it..

  2. Are there any trails in your area that you haven't hiked at least once?

    1. Not if we can help it and most many times - since we hike most days we are always on the look out. We did just learn of one from a friend- a new trail.


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