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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

11/17/15 Breakneck Road

Lower forties, mostly sunny, and little wind- not bad hiking weather. This is an old abandoned road that still belongs to the city of Bar Harbor. Parts of it look like an old road and other parts are reduced to a narrower path.

Near the start the woods were quite pretty.

We haven't been here for some time so there is a lot of sniffing to be done.

There is a stream crossing that can be tricky when the water is high. Today it was low.

Pine needles stuck to some lichen

As we near the ponds we leave the trail so Kelley can get in the water. This is the lower.

When we came up from the pond we met a nice woman and walked with her to the end of the road. Chatting kept me from taking pictures so the rest are from our way back to the start of the hike.

After crossing the beaver dam between the two ponds ( this can also be tricky) you soon reach another smaller dam which has created a small pond and covers the trail- another balancing act across the smaller dam.

Upper Breakneck Pond from the beaver dam between the ponds

and Lower

One last trip into the pond

A reflection near the end.

A nice hike on a pretty day. Kelley did well but was slowing down near the end - we went a little farther than planned.  2  1/4 hours


  1. I like the stream crossing.

    Bar Harbor - always loved that name.

  2. Lots of swimming for Kelley today! I love the reflections in your last photo.

    1. Thank you Linda . Yes, a good one for Kelley

  3. Looks like a great spot for you and Kelley The Wonder Dog

  4. That was a pretty day! We've had rain , gloom and wind for the past two days. I'd love to see some sun!!
    Have a great weekend, John

    1. It was a pretty day - we have rain coming now too


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