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Sunday, November 15, 2015

11/15/15 Haystack and Dave Rock

Thirties again with mix of sun and clouds but little wind so more comfortable. I decided it was a good day for a short hike. We had only been to Haystack once, almost a year ago and it had been about an hour hike. Today turned out to be a disappointment.  When we reached the short , previously unmarked, trail to the view there was a sign saying " stay on the marked trail, do not climb to the summit, the owner does not want people going across the fields and will revoke access to the trail if they do" - I don't remember fields but followed instructions. This time we were able to follow the loop - last time there had been trail damage and we couldn't find the rest of the trail. So a walk in the woods that only took 3/4 of an hour. Also no water for Kelley. Link to previous hike

There was another trail on the way back that we also hadn't done in a long while and I remembered water. It's a short trail but we only did a half hours worth so Kelley could get in a little water time.

Kelley was glad for the water even though small streams. At the trailhead there was a sign indicating a section of the Hills to Sea Trail (another we were not aware of) was open. This will eventually be a 40 mile trail from Unity to Belfast on the ocean. We will be checking that out later.


  1. It's a shame the owner wouldn't allow access to the view. I guess someone previously must have done something to warrant that.
    We used to let folks fish off our beach when we lived in the Upper Peninsula, but then some of them started leaving a big mess and we had to end that. I felt bad for the ones that were respectful, but it was hard to try and figure out who was who.
    Have a good day

    1. Hi Sue - I assume you are right- not unusual for a few bad apples to spoil things

  2. The trail to the sea sounds awesome!

    1. It does and we just learned about it. Did a short section today but have a map of other completed sections


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