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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

11/23/15 City Forest

Rained much of yesterday and last night and then it turned to snow - our first this winter ( only a couple of inches) . Kelley gets excited when there is fresh snow and wouldn't leave me alone until we went for a walk around the neighborhood. 6:30, gray, and cold.

Looking down the drive and Kelley in the yard.

Back in the house for awhile to let it warm up a bit and then we headed for the forest.

Still a cold gray day but Kelley thought the snow was great as we headed down to the pond and trails

Though not a lot of snow the woods were still pretty

We apparently got a lot of rain before the snow as there was water everywhere.

The old rail bed

Not bad considering the weather. We met a new dog and then encountered a couple and their dog we see regularly and walked with them for awhile. Kelley was pleased with this and also did well overall - I did ok except for wet feet. 1  1/4 hours 


  1. New snow! Oh, it looks so pretty!

    1. Thanks Linda- and the best part - not enough to have to shovel


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