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Thursday, November 5, 2015

11/4/15 Blackcap Mountain

I added the trails so they are approximate

Cool but mostly sunny. Didn't want a long drive and we hadn't done this in sometime so decided to try it. Parts of the trail are difficult for Kelley ( and me) with lots of workarounds - blowdowns and eroded sections that are sometimes steep. If it was too hard on her we would turn around and she could enjoy the pond.

First stop the pond

The first part of the Blackcap section is in the worst shape

Once you reach some ledges the trail is in good shape from there. You also get a nice view

which is better than that from the summit

There is a nice trail that runs through woods on the ridge  with some views

and we took that to where the trail turns down . From that point the trail gets a bit confusing and last time we ended up on the Cliff Trail which was horrible for Kelley so we just returned the way we had come.

Cloud Lichen

and more of the trail down

some of which was not treacherous

Kelley found some water before we got down to the pond

 and then back to the pond

Kelley was enthusiastic about this trail and was ahead much of the time but it was fairly rigorous and ended up being longer than I remembered - 2  1/2 hours - and she was slowing down near the end. That night she was a bit stiff and we will have an off day tomorrow.


  1. The fall colors are still great where you live (and hike!). And the water where Kelley took a swim looks so clear.

    1. Hi Lynda - still lots of gold but the reds are pretty much gone, That pond does have nice clear water- not that it's a concern of Kelley's

  2. Gorgeous colors! We were hiking at Starved Rock yesterday and a woman and her dog came up to us and the dog leaped into a small pool of water. It made me think of Kelley.

    1. Thanks Kim - and I like that you thought of Kelley


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