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Monday, November 30, 2015

11/30/15 Baker Hill - Long Ledges

Even colder this morning - 12 degrees when we got up and about 20 when we started out- never did get out of the 20's.  But beautiful sunshine and no wind. A friend accompanied us and as usually happens there was talking instead of picture taking.

Views from the ledges on Baker Hill

Kelley knows  a spot before we get to the end of the pond where she can get into the water. We took that little detour but the ice was too thick for her. When we reached the end of the pond the water was not frozen but there were trees that had floated in and made it difficult for her to get far into the pond.

The pond

Kelley is hoping Mary has a treat in her pocket

The woods were pretty in the sun and Kelley did well. We enjoyed the hike too - and didn't hear any shots - last day of deer season. 1  3/4 hours


  1. I can't believe Kelley swims in such freezing cold water! She must have a really thick coat of fur.

    1. All winter- no matter how cold it is if she can find open water she is in it. Labs have a double coat with waterproofing and insulating qualities

  2. Kelley is sitting and waiting so patiently for a treat. What a sweetie.


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