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Saturday, May 9, 2015

5/8/15 Perch Pond

Yesterday was a day off from hiking with just a walk around the neighborhood. 50's today and overcast- yesterday it got up to 80.

Today we started from Poplar St. on the South Trail. At the start it has some sets of bog bridges

Then on to the Hundred Acre Woods. Still mostly buds on the trees

The small pond - first water opportunity.

Some new leaves

and an old leaf still hanging on

We followed the route shown on the map to Perch Pond

followed the shore for a bit and then headed back to the trail we had come in on.  We got a few peeks of sun but it stayed mostly cloudy and cool. Still a pleasant and peaceful hike. 2 hours


  1. Good Saturday Morning, John
    Love that old beech leaf. They bleach out so much by spring, they look like ghosts in the woods.
    Glad you're having some fine warm weather.
    Gentle rains this morning here. That will kick start the growing perennials.
    Have a great weekend

    1. Good morning Sue- It seems like the bad weather is finally over - we have some needed rain forecast for the next few days. Enjoy your weekend too.


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